How to use your LED mask ?


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Step 1

Before using the mask for the first time, we recommend charging the mask until the charger light turns green. Allow the mask to rest for 1 hour before use. myLEDmask is fully charged when the indicator light on the case is green.



Do not use the mask when loading.


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Step 2

Clean and dry your face before each session to remove impurities and makeup.


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Step 3

Choose a semi-recumbent position to relax and fully enjoy the benefits of a session.



The treatment should be done with the eye shields in place and do not stare at the LEDs during operation.


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Step 4

Turn on your mask with the button .

Choose your phototype with the buttons, the duration of the program adjusts automatically.

  1. Fair skin: 5.35 min
  2. Medium-light skin: 11.10 min
  3. Dark skin: 13.55 min

Start your session (by holding down the key for more than 2 seconds).



Do not use myLEDmask in a humid environment or near a water source. Refer to the instructions for use for any contraindication.


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Step 5

Your mask will automatically shut down when your session is over. You can suspend it at any time using the Start/Stop button.


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Step 6

Clean your mask and store it in its protective case.


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Tips for use

Prefer sessions 3 to 4 times a week (48 hours apart) over periods of 6 to 8 weeks (take a break of 1 month between each cycle).